Enjoy this eBook version Volume 1 Legends of Illandria: Road to Heravon


This series redefines what imagination is... a world as mysterious as the mind beyond belief! An EPIC journey of suspense & adventure!


This is the second book of this series: The Encounter

and it only gets better!


Imagine a world where almost anything is possible!   

What would it be like to live in a world like that?


A Fantasy Adventure that will leave you wanting more!


The inhabitants are encamped at the edge of the river Taipo. There is unrest from being so close to the southern border of the Sky Tree Forest. What will they encounter as the sun sets over Illandria?


The seven Ancients have requested the presence of all the provinces at the great city of Heravon.  Why? No one knows, but...there is something in the air!


Author of Annotations of the Mind & Annotations of the Hearts Cry: Man’s Secrets, an annotated series on: discovering your influences, & the return of tender humanity to men,  Joshua ben Judah brings us this new fantasy series.  

…a world where The Source reigns supreme and His guardians, the Ancients, endowed with great gifts and powers watch over the land, leading all the inhabitants in the ways of the Seven Great Books of Illandria. This fantasy world is engulfed in a mysterious journey as the Ancients bid the provinces to a convocation of great importance in the city of Heravon. What they discover along the way will forever change their existence. Join as Yasha, Sanbae, Earos, Protixca, Baryon, and Kietla encounter the Legends of Illandria awakening from their slumber on this epic journey and adventure. The Legends have arrived!

eBook Volume 2 Legends of Illandria: The Encounter


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