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Updated: Aug 1, 2018

Never heard of him...Joshua ben Judah?

That's fine. Actually, that is more than fine if you really think about it long enough.

Why? Good question! #INTRODUCTION, yes introducing you to who I am (as I am still learning about that for myself, and hopefully my journey will inspire your own as I open up and share it with you).

Well, let's get this #journey off to a decent transition.

I am Joshua ben Judah, and I write, among other things. But for today, I write and author books.

As you may have already deduced, I write what most consider to be #fantasy #fiction. To me, it is just writing. I mean, it should be quite obvious from this site, but if not I hope that clears it up for you.

No, I do not necessarily have favorite books or novels that inspire me in my writings outside of the time I spend in study of scriptures, and researching topics that come up in my writings. Although I write fiction, I can't makeup EVERYTHING I write off the top of my brain (I would hope you or other aspiring #writers and #authors would not do the same either). I thoroughly enjoy researching a variety of topics: #geography, #technology, #natural #energy, #boating, #design, etc. I don't try to limit myself in what I take an interest in because you never know what it can be used for, right? RIGHT!

Moving on...I am a young man in my early thirties (at the time of this entry of course) and I love to live life! I greatly enjoy #adventures, travel, and recreational sports with #friends and #family, as do most other people. I am really not that much different from any one else in the world. I may have a different belief structure or system that I adhere to and I believe that is ok.

My purpose is not to convince you of "my way of thinking or doing something or living," that's not my job or responsibility. Actually, at the bottom of the barrel it's not any of our jobs or responsibility. We are to just live and be in #Truth. Ah, but, Truth...that is the determining factor as we all have varying truths that rule over our lives and create all types of filters that cause us to see how we see (whether we like it or not).

The real question then becomes, is our truths really Truth? Think on that for a while...


In the mean time...

So, you may not have heard of me. Like I said earlier, that is ok. It's not always about being known, as some people may not agree with me. Now, I am not saying I don't care if you know me or who I am (obviously, I am writing a blog entry in the hopes that someone will read it); what I mean by "...that is ok (you not knowing me or who I am)" is that the validity of who I am is not in being known by others from the things that I do. Not many people can say that with a clear conscious.

Why? That is a great question and a difficult one to answer in one sitting or cup of tea, which I just so happen to misplace in prepping for this entry (it's somewhere on the counter top a great distance from where I am sitting).

I don't write for validation or approval. No, I write because of the love of sharing and hoping people can gain some useful substance from what is inside. Writing is a #gift AND it can be taught for those who feel it is hopeless for them. THAT IS SIMPLY NOT TRUTH. I was not a writer all my life, not even half of my life.

In fact, I greatly despised writing and wanted nothing, ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with it because I wanted to be GREAT (writing took too much time and thus the rational, reasoning, logic, or more appropriately...immaturity in my life saw no place for the activity in my own little make believe controlled world ruled by fear). However, I stumbled across a growing concern of mine that grew to a point to where I just had to do something about it...

I have two very young an very beautiful nieces and I noticed they were running out of wholesome material that engaged their imagination without subliminally introducing them to certain elements of imagery (mythology, magic, gods and goddesses, etc.). Now, a lot of people may think, " there's nothing wrong with that?" My very young nieces don't know the difference between pretend and make believe and I am not relying on school, teachers, and the rest of the world to prepare them to be able to discern the difference for themselves. So, in my not wanting to write I became torn because the traditional way to imagine was filled with only these elements of #imagination. NOT GOOD!

As a result, here I am, writing fiction that completely removes all of the traditional elements of imagining in the hopes of creating a less profane treatment of growing imaginations and even restoring more #mature ones. Yep, that is correct, there is no magic, vampires, dragons, wizards, warlocks, fairies, pixie dust, elves, ogres, hobbits, witches, gods and goddesses, sphinx, griffins, etc. in any of my fantasy fiction series. Yes, it has been quite #CHALLENGING to accomplish this, let me tell you! However, it has most certainly NOT been impossible.

What has helped me to accomplish this is realizing that people have tons of gifts. And so the story line for my #fantasyfiction writings deals with characters who have #supernatural abilities and gifts. The hope is that the reader might find themselves in the story as they get to know the various characters intimately. It is my greatest belief that everyone is on this earth for a great reason and purpose. My #hope is that my writings will help reveal that and show a better way.

Stay tuned for more #HOPEFULREALITY

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