What's Your Box?

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

Welcome back to another #HopefulReality. Let's begin!

Last time I talked briefly about #character #development in WHAT's YOUR BOX. Consider this a sequel to that same topic.

An Idea is the canvas of expansion... it is meant to GROW! But how do you get it to grow when you are writing or starting to write what will be one of the best stories of your life or career?

THAT is a very good...NO, GREAT question to ask! Very simply point, you #write it down! Yep, it is that simple. #Write down your great idea. The next thing to do is begin developing answer(s) to these crucial questions:







Yes, I know, that may all seem rudimentary, however, sometimes you just need to keep things simple. Trust me, they will get complicated on their own and sometime even without your help.

One of the main things you will need to do is figure out the WHO portion of your idea. Meaning, who is involved, who is affected, who cares, who lives, who dies, who stays, fights, leaves, etc. The same is true for the remaining other words. But, remember this, without know the WHO, you will have no idea about the characters that need to be involved, created, or even deleted from the story line if they are not needed.

This is where good #character #development comes into place. In fact I will keep it very short, simple, and straight to the point. These are some things your WHO should have in order to help you write a better story to help expand your idea into EPIC-NESS OF ALL POWERS OF THE UNIVERSE (in my Jame Earl Jones voice):

1. Name

2. Place of Origin

3. Backstory

4. Physical Description

5. What makes them unique/makes them who they are?

6. How are they perceived by others?

7. Do they have an age?

8. What makes them relatable to your audience?

9. What makes them relatable to your other characters?

10. What makes them worth being in your story/a part of your idea?

11. What Happens to them and how?

12. Who are their #friends/#family/#enemies?

13. Where do they live?

14. Extra things: Do they have a favorite color/food/place?

WOW! Yes, I know it may seem like a lot of things to consider, HOWEVER, if you want to have a great story to support your truly great idea...then you will want to take the time to think about all of this and more. Remember, the answers to these questions are for YOU. Yep! This is to help you get things out of your head and down to paper or laptop, desktop, etc. Developing all of this for your characters as they come will do the following:

1. Free up your mind so you can focus on writing and not developing or getting

#writer's block

2. Have a ready supply of material for you to pull from to keep your story moving and reader's engaged

3. Give you answers to some of the basic questions your #audience is already thinking

Don't worry! Everything will be fine. As long as you make sure you have those fourteen questions answered you will be all set and your great idea will be the beginning of a wonderful long lasting legacy of many more great ideas.

Stay tuned for more #HopefulReality as I begin to dive into the first seven questions!

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