Volume 2: The Encounter





...he who sleeps shall awake...he who is blind shall see...


What does Illandria(TM) have in store this time? The sun is setting over the Sky Tree Forest as the inhabitants prepare camp near the southern borders of the River Tiapo. Where are Baryon and Kietla? What has become of Protixca? Why has the Arc emerged and what of the presence of the Ramenocs? 


...mysteries await at the base of Saveravis...


Join the adventure as Vol 2 brings the arrival of our travelers to the great city of Heravon, City of the King. Soon all the secrets shall be revealed as the Ancients’ call is answered. Let’s see what twists and turns are hidden in the alleys of Heravon as Illandria (TM) gets the encounter of a lifetime!


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