Road to Heravon


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Legends of Illandria Volume 1: Road to Heravon
Legends of Illandria Volume 2: The Encounter

Road to Heravon


A world...where the mind is a weapon and death...is optional!


This series redefines what imagination is... a world as mysterious as the mind beyond belief! An EPIC journey of suspense & adventure!


This is the first book of this series:

Road to Heravon

and it only gets better! Imagine a world where almost anything is possible!   

What would it be like to live in a world like that?


A Fantasy Adventure that will leave you wanting more!


We find Illandria at the beginning stages of their epic journey and adventure.  The seven Ancients have requested the presence of all the provinces at the great city of Heravon.  Why? No one knows, but...there is something in the air!


The Encounter




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